Peron's Tree Frog on vine
growing vine canopy

The days are long now, and the nights short.

Frogmouth is in its sleek summer coat.Frog mouth
Lifting foliage wires to support the growing canes is an easy task when done at the right time. There is a lot of walking involved, however and if the vines grow faster than we can follow it suddenly becomes hard work. lifting foliage wires lifting foliage wires
vine inflorescence vine inflorescence vine inflorescence

Flowering now comes to an end and little berries form.

They are of even size when pollination and fruit set have been good.

fruit set  
hen and chicken berries Few and uneven 'hen and chicken' berries form when wind and rain have interfered with pollination or if the vines are short of certain nutrients. berries pea size

By now the caterpillars have done their worst: every caterpillar has eaten a few leaves!

far right: one of my "favoured vineyard pests" - the voracious caterpillar of the grape vine hawk moth.

denuded cane with vine moth caterpillarvine moth damage caterpillar of the grape vine hawk mothgrape vine hawk moth caterpillar
vine moth caterpillar in defencevine moth caterpillar a predatory shield bug has killed a vine moth caterpillarC

They are big and fat now, but very few survive to become butterflies and moths.

  a vine moth caterpillar has been killed by a predatory shield buga vine moth caterpillar has been killed by a predatory shield bug caterpillar of the grape vine hawk mothgrape vine hawk moth caterpillar
Monarch (Danaus plexippus) visiting vineyard weeds. Monarch Some of the beautiful creatures to be seen. Australian Grapevine Moth (Phalaenoides glycinae)Vine moth
Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi)Australian Painted Lady A rare visitor, blown in from the north: Orchard Swallowtail (Papilio aegeus)Orchard Swallowtail Common Brown female (Heteronympha merope)Common brown
Australian Grapevine Moth (Phalaenoides glycinae) Vine moth Most of them just visit the vineyard but their caterpillars live on other host plants. Common Brown female (Heteronympha merope)Common Brown

And some of their deadly enemies.

Predatory Shield Bug (Cermatulus nasalis), a vicious killer of wine moth caterpillars.Predatory Shield Bug Cream-spotted Ichneumon (Echthromorpha intricatoria). Cream-spotted Ichneumon
Cream-spotted Ichneumon (Echthromorpha intricatoria). Cream-spotted Ichneumon Australian Garden Orb Weaver ( Eriophora transmarina)Australian Garden Orb Weaver Spiders are very interesting creatures and on closer observation lose their alarming aspects.
Six spined Christmas or jewel spider (Austracantha minax).jewel spider

And yes, I get bitten from time to time, and it is as bad as a mosquito bite!

A Badge Huntsman Spider (Neosparassus diana) lurking in a folded vine leaf.Badge Huntsman Spider
And watching spiders is much more fun than shoot thinning. Garden wolf spider, (Lycosa godeffroyi)Garden wolf spider a native dung beetle (Onthophagus pentacanthus). A welcome helper with soil management and fly reduction.native dung beetle
This is also the time when our tortoises are found wandering through the vineyard, burying their eggs in moist soil.
One of the many robber flies with its preyrobber fly

Towards the end of the month the shoots suddenly become blunt and growth slows down. The vine canopy has reached its mature size and shape.

Hyacinth orchids, (Dipodium punctatum) are in flower.

Hyacinth orchid
A rare visitor: red winged stick insect. It hatched on a white Stringybark tree.  
mature vine canopy trimming Croad Langshan chicken in the vineyard
mature vine canopy
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