Dornach Castle from the West, engraving by D Herrliberger, from a drawing by Emanuel Buechel, 1758dornach castle sarsfield estate vineyard and winery map of Switzerland

Suzanne Rutschmann:

My family home in Dornach, a village near Basel in Switzerland, lies at the foot of the Dorneck hill and immediately adjacent to very ancient vineyard sites.

family home
stone carving of grape I went to school under this stone carving of a grape bunch.
It adornes the keystone of the door to the school house, which in earlier days also housed the comunal grape press of the village.
  Charles Sturt University
  • B.Sc.(hons) (chemistry) - Universitaet Basel, Switzerland
  • Ph.D (organic chemistry) - Universitaet Basel, Switzerland
  • D.App.Sc. (horticulture) - Charles Sturt University, Australia
  • B.App.Sc. (wine science) - Charles Sturt University, Australia
In 1989 Peter and I migrated to Australia to plant vines and make wine.   Suzanne in the vineyard
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