Vineyard in May
Now a completely different sort of bird arrives: flocks of thousands of greedy grapers who have eaten their way through all the discarded and neglected vineyards and fruit trees of the area, and are now driven by hunger. CurrawongCurrawong

Even with nets it is nearly impossible to defend grapes against this assault.

But hopefully they have all been picked by now.

Satin bowerbird, femaleSatin bowerbird female only a few diseased grapes are left behinddiseased grape bunch CurrawongCurrawong
Satin bowerbird femaleSatin bowerbird female And the overlooked and discarded grapes are a last food resource before winter CurrawongCurrawong
CurrawongsCurrawongs   Satin bowerbird femaleSatin bowerbird female
  bringing in the bird nets While the winery is going at full speed the vineyard becomes quiet. All we do this month is recover the bird nets and store them away for another year.
Jacky winterJacky Winter And then the marauding bird flocks disappear, and only our own vineyard birds remain. Fog ower the vineyard
vineyard in autumn colors vineyard in autumn colors  
autumn leaves This is the golden month when the vineyard rests. vines in autumn colours
  autumn leaves  
vineyard with the last autumn leaves All the work is done. vineyard with the last autumn leaves
  bare vine canopy bare vine canopy
Croad langshan chicken has found a grapeCroad langshan chicken has found a grape fallen vine leaves The very last bunches of grapes still to be found are eaten.
echidna among dry vine leaves The echidnas are still poking around the dead leaves, but will soon disappear and rest for the winter... echidna among dry vine leaves
fungi appear over night.. fungi fungi
fungi fungi ...and disappear again.
A golden orb-weaver spider has grown to a huge sizeGolden orb-weaver spider my favoured spiders and other predators vanish one by one... juvenile mantis, less than an inch in lengthmantis
  leafless vine canes  
the leaves fall.. tendrils tendril
dry leaf ..slowly the last glow of autumn is fading..... dry leaf
....the vineyard rests, to flower and yield grapes again.... bare canes NEXT YEAR !
bare vineyard and autumn fog
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