view from hotham heightsview from hotham heights sarsfield estate vineyard and winery snow gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora)snow gums and snow in the australian alps
  libelluid dragonflylibelluid dragonfly
along the great alpine roadalong the great alpine road East Gippsland - from sea to summit hotham heightshotham heights
  snowy riversnowy river

cross-country skiing
landscape painting

mountain dragonmountain dragon   white cyprus pines in the snowy river valleywhite cyprus pines in the snowy river valley
wildlife observation
cross-country skiing
discovery trails
dry sclerophyll forestdry sclerophyll forest  
soft treefernsoft treefern   rufous treecreeperrufous treecreeper
  soft treefernsoft treefern  
wet sclerophyll forestwet sclerophyll forest mountain brushtail possum with juvenilemountain brushtail possum with juvenile mountain ash forestmountain ash forest
kingfernskingferns   koalakoala
  koalasuperb lyrebird superb lyrebirdkoala
buchan cavesbuchan caves buchan cavesbuchan caves buchan cavesbuchan caves
campfire cooking
trail riding
fly fishing
metungmetung croajingolongcroajingolong
croajingolongcroajingolong beach combing
coast banksias at lakes entrancecoast banksias at lakes entrance
  spinifex grassspinifex grass banksia serratabanksia serrata
view from raymond islandview from raymond island   gippsland lakes at lakes entrancegippsland lakes at lakes entrance
  foraging sand crabforaging sand crab
pelicanspelicans   croajingolongcroajingolong
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